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Get ready, because I’m here to teach you everything no one told me when I first started photography in 2013. I can show you the ropes on how to better pose your subjects +  capture portraits in interesting ways that grabs the viewers attention. We can discuss things like how to style a shoot, editing tips, where to find inspiration and more!

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Angel Number 253 brings a message to let go of any fears or worries so that they can be healed and transformed. Have faith and trust that the changes you are experiencing are for your highest good and that new doors are opening that will bring wonderful opportunities for growth and development on all levels.


Awaken Your Inner Creativity 


You are probably here because you feel like something is lacking in your business. Are you missing that extra POP to your images? Do you freeze up during sessions, not knowing what to do or how to best pose your subjects? Do you feel stumped on how to provide an amazing client experience to keep people coming back? Maybe you are struggling with finding your ideal client or marketing yourself. 

If you answered "yes" to any of these. I am your guardian Angel, and I am here to help!
I know it can be hard to know where to put your time + energy in your photography business. Everything can feel so important and sometimes it seems like it all claims the top spot. Lets not even get started with social media... Sound familiar? I'VE BEEN THERE! 

I've created the Guiding Light Program for photographers who want to excel at their craft and really elevate their imagery. Notice I didn't say the word 'photo'. I said imagery because I feel that better represents art. Art is emotion. It makes you feel things + therefore can create more meaning and/or excitement to a photograph. I'm here to give advice + show you how to create just that through posing, styling + photoshop editing. This awareness will bring your photography game to the next level and allow you to raise your prices! With your newfound photography skills, you will gain a wider audience on social media and help increase your clientele. It's no doubt you will absolutely crush your next photo session!



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Angel Number 353 delivers a message from your Angels that major life changes are approaching, and are providing opportunities to use your creative talents. These new changes are about to come into your life because you have been keeping a positive attitude and intentions to enhance your life in every way.

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Let's Start Shining the Light!

Q + A  Session

$ 2 5 3

* Payment Options Available *

If you are in Utah, lets meet up for coffee! For those out of state, we can hop on a Video call. I’m here to answer any questions you have on editing, posing + directing models/clients, camera settings, business/marketing, growing a genuine audience, etc. You have my full attention for an hour! I'll spill all the beans!

Angel Number 253 is a sign to let go of fears/worries so they can be transformed. Doors are opening to provide opportunities for growth and development.


Let's Shine Even Brighter!

$ 3 5 3

In Person Session

* Payment Options Available *

Angel Number 353 is a sign that major life changes are approaching, and is providing you an opportunity to enhance your creative talents.

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Let's shoot together! This option is for photographers who are wanting a more up close look at things. You'll see how I operate on a set + how I flow my models/clients into different posing ideas. You'll learn the importance of angles and how to use foreground to your advantage, anywhere at any angle! We can also review camera settings, lighting, client experience, etc.

Tell me what type of photography you're wanting more experience in (creative portraits, couples/bridals, maternity, etc.) and I'll gather models, HMUAs (if needed) and style an amazing concept for us to shoot together, but if you have an idea in mind. I'm all up for hearing about it and how we can maximize that concept!


Shining Like a Shooting Star

Combine Both Sessions
- You'll get a FREE preset + editing 1:1 tutorial

$ 6 0 6

* Payment Options Available *

It's time to really upscale + get serious about your photography business. This is for photographers that want to be apart of every stage of the GLP (Guiding Light Program). We'll style a shoot together around what you want to photograph. You'll see real time how I help create + enhance a concept, present a mood board and level up my photos on set. I'll not only teach you how I get different + unique perspectives than most other photographers.

- Which allows me to stand out to more potential clients. -

BUT!! You'll get a FREE 30 min. editing session on-top of your Q + A with me! I can show you how to perfect skin, and create a visually pleasing edit in Lightroom  - bright and airy or dark/warm and moody, I got you! I have experience in both. I can also show you how to create other worldly and/or unique edits in photoshop that will remold your images into powerful imagery. Whatever you need help with, I'm here for you!

In case all of that wasn't enough already. I am also adding on a FREE Lightroom Preset. I made this preset years ago to help me create BOTH bright/airy + warm/moody edits. This preset is not available for purchase as of yet. Only for those photographers booking this option with me. I'll show you how to use it during our editing session!


Angel Number 606 is a sign that your prayers have been heard + that your wishes are about to come true.


Let's Get Signed up

I know how much hard work goes into making the investment fee - I truly do - So, I love being able to provide payment plan options to make my services more attainable. More information on that upon request. 

Fill Out The Form Below to Get Started

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Angel Number 453 is a message from the angels that the positive changes you have been making are manifesting ‘good’ into your life. Your manifesting skills and abilities have drawn new opportunities, ideas and concepts into your life. The angels encourage you to continue the great work you have been doing. 

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