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Why visiting Ogunquit Maine should be on your bucket list!

Ogunquit is a cute little town in here in Maine. I know there's only so much you can do here in Maine but if you find the right places, like Ogunquit. You'll have so much fun!

We started our visit in Ogunquit by staying at the Ogunquit Resort Motel. I've done a review about our stay there in my previous post. Check it out! I have pictures and the sunset there in Ogunquit was one of the most rewarding part of our stay. I have never seen a sunset so cool and rich in color. It was so beautiful! Don't even get me started on the price... It was the most inexpensive for literally the best night I've had in a long time. I'll recommend them over and over again. :)

Like I said. Ogunquit is a small town. It's got cute little shops and places to eat. It even has a candy shop!


^^^ This was what we were looking at from across the street! lol


Aside from the shops, the best place that is located here I'd have to say is Ogunquit beach! I have never seen such a blue and beautiful beach in Maine other than in Ogunquit. We had parked our car a bit a ways from the beach so it gave us a chance to walk through Ogunquit's little strip of shops and stuff before we hit the beach. Definitely recommended!

This is our journey to the beach! :p

^^^ Loved the canopy idea! Free of use to the public. More of a, first come first seated :p lol


We noticed on the way back there a little beach-y area off to the side. It was really cute and kinda private. There weren't many people there.

I think Ogunquit should be on people's bucket list because, aside from the beautiful sites. You can have so much fun here and barely spend anything to do so! I splurged and bought two awesome rings in one of the stores. One was a snake and another was handmade with a bunch of beads. They were so unique and I'll always be reminded of my amazing day there every time I look at them.

Until next time! See ya guys :p

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