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Outdoor Goddess Boudoir

While I was in Maine I got to meet Chelsea. She is a gorgeous local model that met me near Skowhegan, ME. We met early in the morning at like 6/7am before she had to go to work. We had limited time together but boy did we create some magic!

We did 2 different concepts. The first was more of a goddess vibe with a tulle robe and the second part was with a floral dress and tea cups. This post features the first part as I'm still editing the second concept :p

Here are the results from the first half!

And that's a wrap guys!

Hope you all enjoyed this post. Please stay tuned for part 2 when we get more creative with tea cups and tea pots!

Also, if you've been debating on splurging to get some fun updated pictures of you. This is a sign from the universe telling you to finally do it! Reach out to me and we will get you set up with a beautiful and magical session!



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