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TRUECREATIONSCROCHET Brand Photoshoot, at the Ogden Botanical Gardens

TRUECREATIONSCROCHET is owned by Val, a talented local artist that crochets beautiful crop tops, sweaters, dresses, skirts, stuffed animals, decorative pillow cases and more!

She even creates gag gifts for your adult friends! lol

Check her out on instagram!

For this branding shoot we focused on some of her colorful and unique crop tops.

Here's a look into our rockin sesh!

How fun are these tops?

A few more featuring Vals new rainbow top!

How fun are these? <3

And that wraps up this amazing session for TruCreationsCrochet!

Make sure to check out her most recent creations on instagram!

Message me for your next branding photoshoot

We'll make some magic together - and for your next posts on social media/website. You'll be sure to draw attention with my unique photos!




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