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50 Shades of Red, Red petal editorial milk bath

March 2021

Lets talk about inspiration for a moment. We can pull inspiration from just about ANYWHERE!!

One of my favorite ways to find inspiration though is through Pinterest.

I remember scrolling through for new ideas and came across a red rose petal milk bath. Very fashion and high end.

So, I reached out to a local model and MUA to join in on this collaboration and we made magic!!

We also got published in a magazine!!

Message me to book! Lets get creative <3

- You may also get the chance to be in a magazine!

All creative sessions booked like these earn 1 magazine submission!

Here's how it came together!

So we first started with no rose petals to focus more on the model, the emotion and keeping things simple.

Now we had some fun with the rose petals!! Really gave it an extra flare and changed the vibe!! Which is what I was going for :)

Notice how her makeup also changes to be more dramatic!

@saltlake_kate and @tothenines_muah absolutely killed this session with me!!

And that's a wrap!

Hope you all enjoyed this fun photoshoot I had!!

Message me to inquire and we'll create some art together for you to post on social media, feel empowered, and beautiful!




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