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Planning an affordable luxury stay in Ogunquit, ME

First of all, I just want to mention that we were not originally planning a trip to Ogunquit when we came to Maine. We stumbled upon the idea when my boyfriend and I decided to take a mini vacay away from our vacay. :p lol

We're here in Maine for the summer to visit my boyfriends family. This is the longest time we've stayed in Maine since we've been traveling together.

We arrived the first week of May and we will be leaving August 9th. I was lucky enough to get a job here in Maine the first week we moved out. So, I was able to make some spending cash to do whatever we wanted.

Like I was saying. It all started when we stumbled on the idea of taking a mini vacay to spend some quality time together. We definitely wanted to stay somewhere where there was a jetted tub. It's one of my personal favorite amenities to have in a room while traveling!

We know that having a jetted wanted to get the best quality for the best price. After endless searching one morning we finally found the perfect establishment!

It included usage of a BIG hot tub covered by a beautiful gazebo and the bluest pool I've seen when lodging.

The price was perfect. With that we immediately called them up to book our stay with Ogunquit Resort Motel for that coming weekend.

I would stop at "resort" there is nothing motel about this place!

Little did we know that we would be supplied by the most gorgeous sunset we've ever experienced in Maine. The colors just danced across the sky.


^^^ Sorry about some of the blurry pics.

Here's one I took with my Nikon below.


Already, this trip was paying for itself.

We were able to save some money by staying with Ogunquit Resort Motel than some of their other competitors. Which lead to more money to spend out! While yes, it was more cheaper we most definitely were not cheated out of our luxurious stay. In fact it was so amazing being there we spent the whole night "in"!

We spent all evening enjoying their gorgeous aqua blue pool and huge hot tub!! When it closed down for the night we just vacated to the room.

This room included a big bathroom just to the left as you walk in before coming into the bedroom. It had a lot of storage and a full bath/shower. It also included a nice sized closet and a safe, free of charge!

We had the bed face a beautiful electric fireplace next to the television set. We had a nice selection of channels, that also included music channels! Aside from that we were also given a mini fridge. So, if you happen to go out to eat, don't worry, you will be able to bring it home and not your options being to either overeat or have it stay out all night..

This room had literally everything we needed to have an amazing stay and more. It even included a recommendation menu of the area and a mini map! Yes, a menu of recommendations!

From restaurants, to night life, etc!


Like I mentioned earlier, the jetted tub is always a must have for booking a stay somewhere. It was definitely my favorite part. Remember when I said after the pool we vacated to the room? I should've said that I vacated to the jetted tub in the room to continue the fun! hahaha


We were provided with free breakfast when we woke up. Loved that :p

Overall. I would definitely stay here again! I recommend this to all my friends and strangers looking for a nice affordable place to stay near Ogunquit, ME

Here is a link to their website!

Till next time! :)

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