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Ashley + Derek Couple Session

A couple weeks ago I did a mini couple photo shoot. We decided to go up to Beus Pond in Ogden, UT. The amount of birds there was ridiculous. I haven't been there in some time.. So, this was shocking to also see how friendly they were becoming!

They were literally walking right up to us and at some points we had to walk away from them! lol

However, despite our friendly critters. We were able to stay focused (sometimes :p lol jk) and we got some great shots.


First up, the birds :p

Take a look at all of them!! lol


Now that I got all the bird pics out of my system.. lol Let's move on to their cute, bird-less, photo session :p


I also had some fun and gave them a little artistic edit in addition to their edited images. Here's how it turned out :)


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