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365 Day challenge

On this day, July 24, 2018 at 7am I have made the decision to do the 365 day challenge. I've seen other artists do it and it's inspired me to do the same. I've been contemplating this idea for about a month, not sure if I actually wanted to do it. As much as I love creating, I don't do it on a regular basis. My attention often goes to video games, Netflix/Hulu, or hanging with friends, etc. etc. Doing the 365 challenge is probably just what I need to light the fire under my butt! lol I know it's typical for artists to have a certain type of vibe... or art style. I don't. I like anything and everything. I've tried to stick to one style but I always deviate and explore other editing techniques and styles. I love all aspects of photography and now I will get to show you why. Today marks my first day of the 365 challenge. Part of me is scared but another part is excited to see what will come of this. This image is a representation of that.

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