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3 girls, 1 dress

ok, ok...

I know what you're thinking, but it caught your attention right? lol

That was the point!!

This session was actually really fun.

I got to meet up with a couple other photographers and we all got to create magic with these beautiful local models in SLC, UT.

Can you believe it started raining!?

So, it was raining on and off all morning/afternoon. This shoot was at like 2pm and thankfully it had stopped raining about 1hr before. We had some good luck where it didn't rain for most of the shoot but towards the end it started sprinkling and then full on pouring!!!! lol

Which you can clearly see in the last picture.

I know weather can be crazy and SUPER unpredictable sometimes, but often times it's during the crazy weather we get some of the most amazing images!

Message me to book your next creative portrait session or couples session.

Lets get together and create some magical photos together :)




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