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A Soignet Wedding in Paradise

Congratulations Katie and Charles!! You did it!!

You guys officially tied the knot!

And I couldn’t be happier that I was chosen to capture you special day!!

Let’s rewind to 2019 for a second.

I just started a new job and after training I got introduced to the other coworkers.

Katie was one of them!

I remember the first day we met she was just telling me how she got engaged and was going to get married in the Virgin Islands in 2020. Ironically she didn’t find a photographer yet. When I told her I AM a photographer and showed her my work, she said she wanted me to do it!! Little did I know that she would grow to be one of my closest friends. And Charlie too!! Their wedding was a dream to photograph!! The location was beautiful and the weather was warm!! Which was nice since we had left the cold winter in Utah behind!

Fun fact! Katie and I are actually Medicare insurance agents and our busy season run from 10/15-12/07.

Towards the end of those two weeks everyone is easily working close to 100hr weeks. Ouch!! Lol

So our last day of craziness was the 7th and we flew out the 9th!! Which only gave us a day to really recoup and pack our bags before our long flight to the islands! And it was so crazy, I went from leaving Utah in a nice, warm jacket and I landed in the islands wishing I had worn shorts and a tank top!! Lol

Finally the 12th rolls around. The day we’ve all been waiting for!! Once we got to Villa Norbu it was all set up, ready to go and it looked GORGEOUS!

Well... I can tell you about it or I can show you!!!!

May I present to you... the soignet wedding - 12/12/2020


Yayyy!! This is probably my favorite parts of shooting a wedding!

....The getting ready portion!! Simply because other than a first look (if they choose to do it) it is the very last moment a bride and groom have to themselves before they officially become man and wife!

I remember with my own wedding, the getting ready portion was so special to me! I was able to spend my last moments of a single lady with my mom, my bridesmaids and a couple close friends. During this time I focus on the details as well as the moments shared with those around the bride!

I love this next picture! I actually took this picture of Charlie while he was waiting for Katie to come down the isle <3

After I get some getting ready shots, normally I will go shoot some extra detailed shots! Like I will create your flat lay, take nice images of the rings, dress and anything else that is important to that specific wedding!


Yayy!! They officially tied the knot!

Love this cute moment I caught between the bride and her flower girl!

Time to open the champagne and cut the cake!!

I love this next picture so much!

So right after Katie and Charlie took their first bite of cake, Summer (the MOH) came by for a quick bite too! lol


The next part of the evening is the dinner! We went to an amazing restaurant on the island. Amalia Cafe on Palm Passage way. A little pricier than average but worth it!


As we conclude the night, we went back to our airbnb, kicked off our shoes and had a little dance party!!

Breaking out the conga line!

Time for the garter toss!! This is what happens when your MOH gets the honor!! lol

Last but not least, the bouqet toss!!!

The lighting was so crazy outside! Some were regular light bulbs and some had green light bulbs, can you believe it? lol

But luckily it was at least bright enough to see outside haha

Also! That catch!! WOAH!!!!!

And that's a wrap!!

I hope you enjoyed this post!!

Follow along for updates and more amazing weddings like this one!




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