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Freezing session at the Salt Flats

You'd never guess it from the images, but it was actually SUPER cold and SUPER WINDY!!!!

So, my friend Katie reached out to me a little bit ago about wanting to do a shoot at the salt flats. I have not shot there yet so I was down!! We talked to our other friend Ruby to join and so we were all really excited! We had our outfits all picked out, make up done, and camera charged!! lol

As soon as we pulled up and opened the car door.... I remember Ruby and I closed our doors so fast and looked at each other like.... "I know we drove all this way to get here, but I don't wanna get out to shoot in this FREEZING, WINDY weather!!!"

I think Katie knew exactly what we were thinking because we said anything... she said to us "Come on guys, we drove all this way. We're here and it's not that bad. Lets just get out and shoot"

Ruby and I did another one of our "I don't want to" looks and got out lol

I'll tell you. I have never felt wind so cold and STRONG! lol

It felt like I was getting whipped LOL!!!

BUT!!!!! We did get some pretty great images!!


That's a wrap folks!!

After this session we were ready to get some hot chocolate!!

But truthfully... we didn't get any haha

We just stayed in the car for a good 15min with the heat on until we even left LOL

As you can see, we were barefoot!! So, our poor toes felt like they were frost bitten haha

Bout ready to amputate! lol jk

But for real.... lol

That's how it felt!! haha

I managed to capture Rubys face right when a rush of that beautiful cold wind came by. This was all of our faces TBH (to be honest) lol

Anyway, so we were back in the car just as the tide was coming in and it was coming in fast!!!

Before we left, daredevil Katie wanted some last pictures in the water.

My hands barely recovered to take some more pictures, but I figured if she was wanting to pose in the water almost buttnaked!!! I could deal with the cold hands.... lol

I was shaking the whole time but Katie was just a champ!!

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

Follow along for more fun photoshoots!!




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