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How losing my Photoshop file actually helped me

I recently lost one of my files in Photoshop. Thankfully, I was able to save the image before my file got wiped. However, I will not be able to make any changes to it in the future. :(

Since my file was too large to save at the time, I kept trying different things to make the save, a successful one. (i.e. deleting different layers I wasn't using to free up space.. or trying to save it as a different format... etc.) After doing some research, I found others having the same problem and realized I needed to update Photoshop in order to save the larger file. I had a feeling I was going to lose my file in the process but, I kept my hopes high.

Long story short.. I lost it after updating the program.

After trying to save the file for a vast majority of the day and having been unsuccessful, I was already pretty agitated. I knew that being upset wasn't really going to get me anywhere.. So, I decided to unleash my emotions into a new image and I was able to finish it within the day.

It's funny to think how my last image took me almost a month to finish, and this one took less than a day!

This image is called: Into the Abyss.

Shit happens sometimes, and it sucks.. We don't know why these things pop up the way they do.. leaving us in the dark, being subjected to what's happening around us.

But, we do have a choice to make something out of it..

When one door closes, lets pursue to open another.

By losing the file, I was upset but, instead of wallowing in my own negative emotions, I took advantage of them and just started creating a new piece. Putting my negative emotions to good use.

In this image, I'm walking towards a darkness. I don't know what awaits for me and I'm a bit afraid no doubt, afraid of the unknown, but, this also makes it exciting.

Imagine a car traveling down a dark road with headlights.. You won't be able to see the full path right away and that's ok. The path will reveal itself the further you travel.


Hope you guys like the image <3

Til next time!


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