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Introducing my new service: Workshops!

Have you ever seen those fun photos of models on Instagram wishing you could do that too?

Well wish no longer! I can help make it become a reality!! - You might be thinking.. "but I'm no model.." "I could never.." NOPE!! Get that thought out of your head. You don't need to be a model to have a fun time! That's how I see it, having fun and letting your creative side run free. Big, small, tall, or short there is beauty in us all. Take a look at my upcoming themed photoshoots for an idea of what I offer. Each workshop is $25 to attend, unless stated other wise.

To apply for a workshop, please visit my Facebook page and RSVP.

Payment will be accepted through venmo or google wallet.

Once you RSVP I will be adding you to a group designed for that shoot so all the participants (myself included) can get acquainted, talk inspo and also verify payment.

There will be a limit of 4 people per shoot, unless stated otherwise. This is done so I can give each person the attention they deserve. Each person will have 30min in front of the camera, equaling 2 hrs.

An "Artistic Suggestion" will be provided for every shoot. This is to help visualize what to wear, to make the images everything it can be!

That's it for now..

Hope to see you at a workshop!

Lets make some magic happen :p


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