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Lauri's 27th Birthday

So Lauri saw my birthday session I threw for myself last month and when I released all the images. She started talking to me saying she really wants to do one this year, she's been thinking about it for awhile, especially for past birthdays but she was still unsure at first. I was like girl, you only turn 27 once! Lets get it set up and create some beautiful images for your birthday!

Sometimes you've got to just jump in and see what happens!

I've said it once, and I'll say it again! If you've been thinking about doing a birthday shoot. This is a sign from the universe telling you to do it this year! I even almost didn't, but I'm so glad I did! It made me feel empowered and more excited to be turning a year older! lol

Message me and we'll create your dream bday shoot! <3

*** P.S.

All the outfits in these pictures are included in my client wardrobe! Meaning anyone who shoots with me will have access to my exclusive modeling wardrobe. I have all sizes available!

Stay tuned! I'll be releasing more info within the next couple weeks!

CLICK HERE for updates! :)

AND YES THE BIG BLUE DRESS IS Apart of my client wardrobe now! It's new! :)


Can you believe how beautiful she is! Lauri was worried we wouldn't get any good pictures of her. (to be honest, I think the same thing when I get pictures taken of myself!) but I'm like girl, you are rocking it!!!

So, so gorgeous!!

Here is the BIG BLUE Dress!! Now being featured in my client wardrobe! Click here to see more of what I have to offer! :)

Set up your birthday session with me! I have crowns you can wear, even crystal ones!! I have fun sparkly jewelry from my own collection I allow my clients to wear because I want your shoot to be everything you imagined!! <3

It's crazy to me how many people think you need to be absolutely perfect to have a photoshoot. You need to be confident and you need to know your angles/poses, etc! Which is not true! It's mainly about having fun and letting loose!!

However, I do want to say that I believe EVERYONE has an inner model just waiting to come out!! So when you book with me I will help position you into some fun poses that are sure to let your inner model shine!!

EVERY birthday queen needs a little 'sparkle on their crown <3

And that's a wrap everyone!!

Hope you all enjoyed this fun photoshoot I had with Lauri!!

If you have questions or would like to inquire on a birthday session, message me!!




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