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Myrandahs Enchanted Maternity session

This beautiful momma is pregnant with her second baby. I actually helped photograph her first maternity! One of her requests was to have more pictures of just herself this time around. So I definitely made sure to do that! By the pictures posted, you would never believe how cold it was with her first set of images. Myrandah absolutely rocked her maternity session!!

Side note:

This is a new dress I have available for my pregnant mommas! I absolutely looooovee the sleeves! With them being so long and flowy! Ugh, I just can’t get enough! Lol

Real quick, For those that don’t know, I offer a client wardrobe free of use for your session with me! Click here to see my Maternity wardrobe!

When you book with me, you are not tied down to just one location! Message me and let's set up your dream session!

With Myrandah, we shot her first set of images at Snow Basin and the second at Antelope Island. The images turned out AMAZING!!! I do have to say that we timed her second shoot VERY well!!

Here's why.... lol

We photographed at her second location (Antelope Island) on Sunday 02/20 and she told me she gave birth yesterday on 02/25 at 4:24pm!

Wanna hear something even crazier?

Ironically right as I was starting to upload the rest of Myrandah's maternity session to Facebook. That's when I got word that her little baby entered the world! Talk about coincidence! haha

She already sent me some images of him and he is so cute!

Welcome to earth little Oliver <3

So towards the end of the session, we see a big moose statue that Myrandah absolutely wanted to take a picture with.

She was like, "Angel, take my picture with this moose butt!!" lmao

I seriously love my clients. <3

I present to you.....

Moose butt! lol


Antelope Island

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Stay tuned for more fun creative content from me!!

Who's gonna be my next blog shout out? :p

Til next time!




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