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New fine art piece!! Title: Merged

This image is something I started working on in 2017. I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go. So, I stopped and just let it sit there til I was ready for it. I stumbled upon this image a couple days ago while going through my old hard drives and immediately felt inspired to finish it. I had a vision and I was ready to execute!!

As a creator... things you originally envision or want to create don't always get finished right away and that's ok! It's ok to take a step back, breathe, and take some time for yourself. The right inspiration will come along at the right time.

This was a 3yr break, but worth it! lol

Every body's progress is different.

This was my journey in creating this piece.

I love how this piece came together.

Below is the progression of this piece....


- The landscape/mountain picture was taken by me on Tumble down mountain in Maine and the moon picture is mine too. I colored the moon wanting to give it a more "magical" effect but I didn't really like it... So, I changed the background to be blue to have a more mystical feel.

Note: The crystal images are not mine but stock I was able to find.

- So, once I changed the background color to blue... I still didn't like it lol

It was the colored moon. I liked the background but felt the colored moon was too much. It stood out in a way that was unpleasing to me. So, Reverted back to the original moon.

- Once I reverted back to the original moon. I felt better. It was more pleasing to the eye and I didn't feel one over powered the other. However, I didn't know how I wanted the end result to look.. So, this is how it stayed in my hard drive for 3yrs until just a couple days ago!

Below is how the final image came out!!

I am so proud of this image. It's everything I imagined it would turn out to be!

Magical, mysterious, and captivating.

Title: Merged

- If you'd like to see more pictures I took at this location (Tumble down mountain) Check out my blog post about it here: "Tumbling down" Tumbledown mountain in Maine

Hope you have enjoyed this post!

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