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Searching for Hope

This image took me about a month to finish. When I started working on this, I had a different vision completely!! Every time I went back to work on it... it looked good, but, I just kept feeling like it was missing something or just not speaking loudly enough to the viewer. However, I finally came to a happy conclusion when I last worked on it yesterday.

Sometimes in life, when we work towards a goal we want to accomplish, things can get complicated, confusing, and at times, we can lose our motivation. Creating this piece has been a little like that. I had to go to the hospital for surgery a couple weeks ago and then last Friday I got all my wisdom teeth taken out. It's been quite the experience but, I’m happy to say that I’m starting to feel better.

I’ve been getting out more, doing some physical therapy and I’ve been healing well. From both the surgery and my wisdom teeth removal.

This image is called: Searching for Hope. Like I mentioned earlier, when we are working towards a goal.. Sometimes we can lose our way. But by pushing ourselves to continue on forward, and not let external circumstances or lack of motivation take over.. I feel like it feeds our soul by giving us a sense accomplishment.

This is exactly how I felt once I finished this image. It took time, dedication and pushing my imagination to the limits every time I hit a road block.

Something that helps me when I start to lose focus, is to remember why I started in the first place.



After stitching all the pictures together I needed to make my base image, I started working on editing it to my liking.

I like how the image came together below. But, I wanted something more. Even though I felt like it was beautiful , I also felt it was too bland and didn't communicate how I was truly feeling.

Lost yet found.

High but low..

I had no motivation, but I craved to have it.

For me, I feel like this piece communicates exactly that.

What I love about art though, is that it is open to interpretation.


Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening.

Til next time!


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