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Secret photoshoot spot: Willard Bay

Not a lot of people are aware of Willard Bay. It's about 20min north of Ogden.

I'll be honest, not even I was aware of it until my friend Katie brought it to my attention and we decided to do a fun shoot in the water!

I'll tell ya, it's probably one of my new favorite spots!! You can truly get a lot of different looks here!!

We easily spent like all day here! haha

We started out in the grassy area before we went to the water. Here's how the "Land' images turned out :p

We didn't stay out on the grassy area too long, because we really wanted to get those water shots! It was the main reason why we went. So the rest of the images were taken out on the water front :)

So the sun was setting really bad by the time we switched out, BUT I was pleasantly surprised how great my images still turned out!!

And that's a wrap!!

I actually started to create a lot of these images into other worldly... fantasy images!

To see more, click here!!!

Follow along for more fun photoshoots!!




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