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The Chromatic

"Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams." - Paul Gauguin

Recently I found out there was this funky, colorful wall in Utah painted with solid, bold colors. When I found out I JUST HAD TO SHOOT THERE!! I met up with a local model, @classyjitterbug and we shot for 7 HOURS

I know, it's crazy to think we where there literally all day shooting but we took our time and had a lot of fun!! We were able to really get creative with different angles/posing, taking BTS and taking breaks here and there because for March it was HOT!! Hotter than we expected haha

So we took car breaks every once in a while and just chilled.

It's times like these I wouldn't trade for anything else, because we really got to have some wonderful conversations about life and art. And just be real.

These human experiences are everything :)

Message me to book your portrait session! We'll come up with a fun, creative concept, a rockin outfit and have a rockin time! :p

Anyways!! Here are the photos we created together <3

And that's a wrap!

Hope you all enjoyed this fun photoshoot I had!!

This shoot actually got published, TWICE!! And one of them was Moevir Magazine which is a Paris Fashion Magazine!! My first time being internationally published!

Message me to book! Lets get creative <3

- You may also get the chance to be in a magazine!

All creative sessions booked like these earn 1+ magazine submission!




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